Thursday, July 12, 2007

Unless You Live on Mars . . .

I'm pretty sure that 99.793% of the world knows that the new Harry Potter movie has hit the big screen, and I was one among gazillions to see it on its opening day. (Thanks Marian for snaging the freebies!) I give the movie three broomsticks out of four--it was really great but ultimately the movies in this series are in a losing situation. First of all, the loyal HP followers have read each book more times than they have flossed their teeth probably, and so they know every detail, outcome, nuance, omitted parts, which leaves the viewer with not a lot of suspense as to the ending. Everyone's mental image of #4 Privet Drive, Mrs. Weasley's kitchen, Grawpy, etc., etc., will all be unique and therefore not exactly what we see in the movies. So sometimes that can disappoint. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this latest installment, and I CANNOT WAIT for the last book!!!!

Test some of your Harry Potter knowledge for fabulous prizes! As with any good trivia, these answers can be "googled." Give it a try before you cheat, er, um, research them out. I have magic bars (the fabulous prizes referred to above) for anyone who can answer all five questions correctly. Good luck fellow nerds and geeks fans! (Answers appear at the end, so don't peek until you've tried your best.)

1. Was there really a Nicolas Flamel?

2. Hedwig, Harry's snowy owl, is named after a what?
b)Norse owl god
d)Author of magical books

3. The caretaker of Hogwarts is named Argus Filch. Why is this name appropriate?
a)Argus was a cleaning man
b)Argus liked to spy on others
c)Argus had a nasty temper
d)Argus had many eyes

4. The grindylow, a water demon, is a part of Yorkshire folklore, like many of the creatures in the Potter series. In the Yorkshire tales, what was the grindylow known for?
a)Poisoning water supplies
b)Drowning livestock
c)Eating children
d)Making an awful noise

5. One potion ingredient is the bezoar, supposedly found in the stomach of a goat. Is this a real item?

1. Yes, and just as in the books, Nicolas Flamel was an alchemist. He lived from 1330-1418, was quite successful in business, and gave generous endowments to public works. There is a street named after him in Paris.

2. A saint. St. Hedwig was female. She lived from 1174-1243 in Germany (then Silesia.) She received sainthood for aiding and comforting victims of every kind of tragedy

3. Argus was a Greek giant with one hundred eyes.

4. Eating children. It would lurk near shore, grabbing any children that came to the water's edge.

5. Yes. There is even one wild goat, a species of ibex, known as the "bezoar goat."


Ashley Haug said...

Jordan got 5/5 and I got 4/5!

The Sagers Family said...

You blog is awesome! What a great way to keep up with what's going on with your family. I'm glad you commented on mine so I could discover yours. I think everyone in the family should get a blog to keep in touch.