Saturday, September 29, 2007

Arcade Fire!

Okay, so the bar has been raised really, really high for live concert satisfaction. To our extreme pleasure and delight to the point of giddiness, Arcade Fire played an absolutely awesome show at Thanksgiving Point on Wednesday night. All you other bands out there better up the ante because this one will be hard to beat. Ten musicians on stage. Swapping instruments with nearly every song. Energy levels worthy of a hummingbird on Rockstar. A pipe organ complete with exposed pipes for heaven's sake! A dulcimer! An accordian! Many, many guitars! A ginormous baritone tuba-thingy-saxaphonish somethingorother! I wish we could push rewind and see it again so we could savor what we now know was coming our way. Sweet.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rock On!

For some of the best music you will ever hear, go here and click on the right hand side where it says in blue, "Cry With the Sky." Yep, that's my boy Sean who wrote the song, sings the vocals and plays an awesome bass, as well as my boy Christian knocking them dead with his drumming, not to mention his charisma.

His Boy Elroy = My Boys = Amazing Geniuses

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Arrrr! Today is TLAPD!!!

Okay guys. So it just seems that it was yesterday that September 19th rolled around and brought us one of our favorite and much celebrated days of the year: Talk Like a Pirate Day! (Me landlubbers are scratchin' their noggins, thinking, "Since when have WE celebrated TLAPD? Humor me here, folks.) For the uninitiated, here are a few of the most basic terms to be used on TLAPD. Use them with a smile on your face and a parrot on your shoulder, if possible:

Ahoy! - "Hello!"

Avast! - Stop and give attention. It can be used in a sense of surprise, "Whoa! Get a load of that!" which today makes it more of a "Check it out" or "No way!" or "Get off!"

Aye! - "Why yes, I agree most heartily with everything you just said or did."

Aye aye! - "I'll get right on that sir, as soon as my break is over."

Arrr! - This one is often confused with arrrgh, which is of course the sound you make when you sit on a not too happy wasp. "Arrr!" can mean, variously, "yes," "I agree," "I'm happy," "I'm enjoying this rootbeer," "My team is going to win it all," "I saw that television show, it reeked!" and "That was a clever remark you or I just made." And those are just a few of the myriad possibilities of Arrr!

Shiver me timbers! If I don't want to get keelhauled by Capn Davey, Mad Dog Sean or Mr. Christian, I must be off to brew up some grog and fry up some critters for me motley crue soon to be pullin' up anchor and sloshin' ashore at the Sagers' Wooden Leg Inn. Step smartly now!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Typical Friday Night at the Sagers' Home

You know how a lot of towns have a local hang-out like Arnold's Drive-In or Mel's Diner or the Krusty Krab where kids can be certain to hook up with all their friends? Our nighborhood has the Sagers' Basement. Which is just fine with me. I know who's where and what's up and how's it shakin', and when it will be ending, and why is he with her?, and the answers to all of the classic who,what,why,where,when and how questions that parents should be asking their kids, but often don't seem to want to bother doing. Me? I love it. Just remember to check your shoes at the door.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Puts Me In a Happy Place

Ashley and Jordan know how to melt my heart . . . Thanks guys! These flowers are so perrrrty!

Oh Wait! One More!

Referring to my previous post, I overlooked one more important book in my recent reading repetoire' (is that word allowed in this forum? . . . ) of the last six months, and that is, "The House of Mirth" by Edith Wharton. It was oh so wonderful. I loved it. And again, we find in this book (written in 1905) the same society classes and castes and cliques and wannabes that are ever present in our world today. I find all of those era-spanning consistencies fascinating yet somewhat disheartening in that our world, in general, doesn't seem to learn or become softer and more accepting. Individuals can though. That is good. That is good.