Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oooh, La, La!

Christian turns a whopping
15 years old!

Our baby boy (yes, "baby boy," I'm in denial here, folks, so let me be) celebrated his 15th birthday in style with a group of his pals, dining on a French feast (sorta French) followed by the sophisticated foreign (sorta foreign) film, "Ratatouille."

In keeping with the French theme, the dinner menu from Le Magnific' Chez Sagers consisted of: Laitue (salad), des Cuisses de Grenouille (frog legs), des Escargots (snails), du Pain (bread), and Pommes Frites (potatoes). Yum, yum! I think the kids were more than a smidgeon disappointed to see that the frog legs were actually chicken legs and chicken fingers, the snails were actually popcorn shrimp, and the pommes frites were actually French fries. However, they said it was the BEST birthday dinner they had ever had. It was basically junk food (manna for teenagers) served up on fancy platters with pretty little garnishes. The guys in particular seemed to really love the formal table setting with the stemmed goblets so they could "toast" their host often.

Enjoy the birthday video below (Sean offers his apologies for the nausea-inducing camera work).

Happy birthday to the sweetest, happiest, most wonderful son a mom could have!
We love you Christian!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Brown Bagging It

Christian and Sean are such good sports to haul their Mom's little attempts at creativity to school with them for all the world to see on a daily basis. I love you guys! (For all I know, they probably ditch the sack and cram all the contents into their backpack long before they reach their schools . . . but they humor me and don't complain . . . to my face, that is.)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Preference 2007

After an adventurous "day-date" consisting of an Iron Chef Competition, Sean's preference date picks him up for a fun evening of dinner and dancing.

Oh! The secret ingredient for the Iron Chef Competition? (Break open the Pepto Bismal) . . . Vienna sausages. Yes indeedy. Sean's team won the cook-off with some sort of Bisquick Vienna sausage pie thingy (doesn't sound too bad) beating out the other team's Vienna sausage pancakes (eeewww). Those lucky judges!