Friday, February 29, 2008

Red is for February

I find it rather curious that I have been drawn to lots of red stuff lately--maybe because it is the opposite of green which is the color that slips through my fingers like there is no tomorrow. Happy last day of February!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jumpin' Junipers!

After being inspired by a recent comic strip, I pulled out the ol' Scrabble game and blew the dust off the box into the horror-stricken faces of Christian and Dave and challenged them to a showdown. It has been literally years since we have played Scrabble--why so long, I don't know, because I LOVE word games (much to my family's dismay; I tend to weary them with little quizzes and puzzles I find in the newspaper, insisting that they play along. "Isn't this fun?" "Uh, sure . . . ." "Not" Good sports are they). So the challenge was put forth, and through clenched smiles Dave and Christian gave helpless looks to each other and accepted the gauntlet. It must be noted that Sean would have been required, er, asked to play but he was at work. (You should have seen the look of relief on that handsome face!) So the game was afoot.

As you can see from the photo, we filled the board with steller and not-so-steller words, trying very successfully to play by the correct rules. I was feeling pretty smug when I laid down "QUAG" using the always formidable "Q" on a "triple letter score" box. Sweet. That word scored a 34 which is fairly respectable and looked downright brilliant compared to the 14 and 15 pointers previously thrown down. You will also note that Dave copied my QUAG word and added an "s" to show who wears the pants in this family, I guess.

But then! Cue dramatic music. Christian managed to blow our minds with his "junipers" word, crossing several prime real estate squares snagging him a whopping 105 points for his effort*. Sheesh, look what I have created! My own worst enemy. All those puzzles and mind teasers paid off for him big time. So the final score was 211 for Christian, 209 for me, and 165 for the pants of the family.
Epilogue: I think there was something burning out in the backyard the other night smelling suspiciously like small pieces of wood with black letters on them. When I looked through the house to try to tell Dave and Christian about it, they were nowhere to be found.

*This asterisk represents the dreaded RCA (Roger Clemens Asterisk--yeah, he's guilty and you know it), meaning that there was a tiny little bit of rule bending going on in our game . . . Christian dickered with me for a letter for his "junipers" word in exchange for emptying the dishwasher for an entire week. The deal was struck, he got his letter, and I didn't have to deal with a tedious and monotonous chore for seven days. Not a bad deal at all.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

His Boy Elroy Releases Their First CD!

Sean and Christian's band, His Boy Elroy, hosted their CD release show last Friday with a wild and enthusiastic crowd attending, complete with a mosh pit and a stage crasher who ripped off his shirt in a manic frenzy. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

The band has discovered that a lot of work goes into recording and producing a CD, and they have done a fabulous job! Well done lads, very well done. I am so proud of you.

My camera was dying a slow but painful death, but here are a few pics from the show. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

He Was So Pleasant to Me, But the Axe Fell Anyway

Aarrrgg! Don't those people know the meaning of the word, "Warning?" So I guess it's off to Traffic School for me (again--for the fourth? fifth? time). Darn. Those. Quotas.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

Here is one of my latest favorite sites to check in on once in a while. It is a blog of a New York guy who steps outside each day and snaps a picture of a well-dressed regular-joe person on the street, not models. Surprisingly, the "comments" on this blog are almost always complimentary and not snarky like some east coast fashionistas can be. It's kind of interesting to see what the Big Apple folks are wearing. Go to to see some great outfits (and, of course, some "pushing the envelope" outfits). Kinda fun.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ransacking Closets Can Be Fun!

Thumbelina is home! I discovered her in my mom's basement closet Sunday night while Sean and Christian were looting and plundering there as they looked for cool retro clothes from my three older brothers' wardrobes. Sean scored this awesomely WIDE tie, and I found my one and only doll! Thumbelina doesn't say, "Mama" when I tip her upside down anymore, nor does she have that ymmy plastic-shower-curtain-smell, but she still has all of her limbs, eyes, toes, fingers, and most of her hair. Oh, during our photo shoot, I discovered that one of her big toes has a big chunk missing--could be from a bite taken by one of the many neglected and untrained dogs that kept coming home with big brother G., I don't know. (Those dogs were pretty wild.) (Scary too.) (Feral German Shepherds vs. an eight-year-old little girl?) (And my kids wonder why we never got them a dog . . . .) ANYWHO, Thumbelina is looking pretty sweet if you ask me.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Vying for His Affection . . .

The girls are on Christian's tail by the boatload, and I've got my eyes wide open, so you girls just watch your step. I'm not sayin' anything, I'm just sayin'. (He is my baby boy after all.)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bringin' Down the House!

After something of a haitus due to Christian's horrendous injury on his hand (a very precious hand that needs to grip a drumstrick but couldn't for a while--more on that later), the band was back downstairs in the studio gearing up for their cd release show on February 22. I definitely missed hearing them playing hard and playing loud! What a lucky mom I am to have my boys hanging out at my house, letting me share in their talents and their dreams. Finishing the basement and dedicating one room for the studio has sure paid off for me because I love having them here! (Krispy Kreme donuts and a freezer full of pizzas are small prices to pay to be able to have them here so I know what's what and what's up and who's who and all that jazz.) I'll be sure to post pictures from the cd release show!

By the way, in case your are astute enough to notice that the lads are all playing each other's instruments in these shots, it is because Sean wrote a new song where the guys play different instruments to mix things up a bit. It is an awesome song--some of it is in French! Buy the cd!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Love Her!

This picture was taken on January 28, 2008, my mom's 90th birthday! Isn't she darling? (I hope I inherited her DNA because she is absolutely AMAZING!) I couldn't have asked for a better mom--I am so blessed, so blessed.

Friday, February 08, 2008

British Humor

Is it possible to laugh with a British accent? I think Baby Charlie (who appears to have something of a sadistic streak in him, by the way) definitely laughs with that certain "across-the-pond-lilt" that makes Englishmen so charming. (You'll have to copy and past the address because my slacker computer won't allow me to actually post the video here. Yeah. I know. It's a drag.)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Beauty

Ah, the beauty of nature, and the beauty in a thoughtful gesture. Thanks Dave.
Photo by CKS

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

And the Winners Are . . .

Amid much competition (thanks everyone for playing!--all two of you--namely Ashley and Jordan, thanks for your support--everyone else can just continue to pretend that I didn't notice that they didn't participate--thanks) the winners of our "Identify the Photo" contest are . . . ASHLEY & JORDAN! Yeah! Something delicious from Cold Stone is coming your way!!! (See! All the rest of you should have played. Nah nah.)

For future reference, in order to officially participate in these nifty contests, you must submit your answers via the "Comments" section of this humble little blog.