Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Half Birthday Sweet Pea!

Happy half birthday to you,
Happy half birthday to you!
Happy half birth . . .
We started a tradition a couple of years ago to celebrate our half birthdays. Sometimes I question my sanity. Why make even more work for myself? Isn't partying up the house and baking a cake, cooking the favorite dinner, buying presents and wrapping them, and making a banner, etc., etc., once a year for each family member enough work as it is? Why do it twice as often? Yes. I am certifiable. But actually, we keep the half-celebration to a minimum, the half-birthday person gets half of a birthday treat, and only half of the birthday song is belted out. Sometimes I even forget the half birthday . . . whoa! But not today! Today is Ashley's half birthday! And as I now look back, I realize that we started the half-birthday celebration when she was only one-half year old (FYI: with your first child every new expression, new tooth, new toot is cause for a party). I guess we kinda let the tradition lapse for about 20 years or so. Not too long. Please take note of the sweet little box of biscuits that Ashley received for her gift. She is in awe. Look at those eyes just moistening with gratitude, as if she is saying, "For me? Oh my! I don't know what to say. How marvelous of you two parents to be so very thoughtful and kind. I must remember to pen a lovely thank you note and get it in the post without delay."


Ashley said...

Thank you! You two parents ARE so thoughtful and kind!

Ashley said...

P.S. Sorry I never got that thank you note out...if I remember correctly, I was too busy chomping at those delicious biscuits.