Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Naperville Friends

Betty Ann, Me, Ann, Kaaren
(Note my kicky little accessory to my outfit
of a big white bandage over my surgery incision.)

A couple of weeks ago, our family had the great fun of meeting up at Thankgiving Point with three dear friends from our Naperville days. It was a blast to catch up on the news of everyone from our old stomping grounds; much has changed! It is interesting to note that of the four of us in the picture, only Kaaren still lives in Naperville. Three out of four of us moving on is a pretty good representation of that community. When we first moved there, we were told that the area was very transient because it employed a lot of folks in the high-tech industry which tends to move people around a bunch. So true. Wouldn't you just know it then, that for us, for me, who so desperately wanted to move back to Utah after paying our dues in Chicago for only a few short years (dream on), we would end up staying there for SIXTEEN!

Naperville was actually a lovely place to raise our kids. They learned a lot about diversity, tolerance, respect for differences, appreciation for art, culture, refinement. They experienced a world of many viewpoints and opinions. We are so grateful for the exposure to and knowledge of the big wide world outside of Utah County's particular little corner of the universe. No offense intended, but sometimes I think we really do live in a Mr. Bubble here. Nevertheless, I graciously admit that for a boatload of reasons I am happy to be back!

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