Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boo Radley is Having a Bad Hair Day

I have a little ghost, Boo Radley, who comes out to spread cheer to the neighborhood children during the entire month of October with his pumpkin full of treats. In a perfect world, the little kids passing by would just take one candy each on their way home from school or from their piano lesson or from spray painting the neighbor's cat. Unfortunately, in this less than perfect world, nearly every time Boo Radley's pumpkin gets filled with sugary goodness, some little kid (who it seems is rehearsing for their role as The Devil) (or maybe a grownup--who knows with today's economy???) dumps the entire stash into his or her pockets or backpack or wheelbarrow and hauls it away. I'm thinking of turning into Mrs. Kravitz from "Bewitched" and spending all of my waking hours peering out my window to see who is that deprived of high fructose corn syrup that they must stoop to stealing every last piece of candy from defenseless Boo Radley.

So today, it seems that somebody got a little miffed that the pumpkin from which all candy flows didn't get refilled because they left their calling card on top of Boo Radley's head. It's okay though. At least they didn't try to tackle him and make off with his spiffy tennis shoes. I'll still refill the pumpkin, and it will probably get looted, but I love the idea that maybe a few little kids get a thrill as they walk up to Boo Radley every day and find something there just for them. Hopefully, they will have some sweet memories of our house in their dottering old age.


Kristen Parnell said...

Thanks for the excitement! We are very excited too. I want to get Ashley and Allison's emails so I can send them blog invites. I'm glad to see that the cousins have them so I can catch up!

Ashley said...

When I was over on Saturday, Boo had wood chips on his head too!

Jacque said...

Haha! poor Boo!