Sunday, October 19, 2008

"The District"

Yay! Sean sent us our first photo of him in the MTC! I now have proof positive that he is alive and kicking! Not that I really doubted his well-being, but it's just that I've heard some things about that MTC food, and well, you just never know . . . . Apparently, the pancakes there can bring on the need for the Heimlich Maneauver if one isn't especially vigilent about properly chewing one's pancake 30 times before swallowing. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, !Sean es tan chulo! (That means, "Sean is so tan!" Right? No? Okay, okay. It really means "Sean can certainly play that cello!" Sorry. It really says that "Sean is one cool dude!" )
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Ashley said...

Which one is his companion?

sherman and juliette said...

Aren't pictures fun? It is good to hear that he is alive and kicking, I bet he will be an awesome missionary!