Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Work Here is Done.

Last week I tried to vote early at my "vote-early-polling-place-cuz-you-know-the-lines-are-gonna-be-wicked-on-election-day," but found the wait to be excruciatingly long there--at least as long as a regulation football game. In other words, way, way, waaaaayyy too long. So, today I had nightmares of standing in at least a six-hour line to cast my one little vote, but found that election day is my lucky day. I was in, out, and on my way to some shopping therapy in about four minutes flat.


Jenifer Morris said...

I hope you at least got some good shopping done with all that time you had leftover!!

The Gunderson's said...

oooh! Congrats!!!
Shopping therapy? Where do I sign up?