Thursday, November 20, 2008

Somebody Has a Birthday Today!

She is very beautiful
She is very smart
She likes Thai food and cheesecake
She hates wasabi and soda pop
She is a published author and a produced playwright
She loves foreign films
She hates rap
She would rather cook than go shopping
She would rather read than go shopping
She would rather jump off of a cliff than go shopping
She has a big heart for the underdog and those in need
She has a stunning smile and an easy laugh
She is a caring, loving wife
She is soon to be a tender and devoted mother
Who is this amazing person?



You can barely see it, but please take note of the ever-present bow squished onto the left side of Ashley's bald little head. It was the bane of Dave's existence whenever he pulled dressing and grooming duty.

"How much longer do we need to glue this thing onto her SKULL???"

"As long as it takes for her to grow some hair."

"I hate to break it to you, but by the look of things she'll be twenty years old and I'll still be sticking this pitiful little bow onto her head."

"Now you're just being ridiculous. I'll have made some new bows by that time!"

"Well, I'm sorry but I'm putting my foot down--I don't want my daughter resenting me in the future for applying potential toxins to her hairless head every day."

"Okay. But I'll just warn you that those old men at church will start calling her an unusually beautiful little boy again, even when she does wear lace. It's your call."

"Fine. Hand me the Epoxy."


Jenifer Morris said...

I love the bows in the babies hair...sorry Dave! Funny story, we were in the grocery store one day and Addi was dressed all in pink. Pink onesie, pink pants, pink socks, pink binki, pink blankie, pink bottle and some woman told me that my little boy was so cute! After that, I had to put something in Addi's hair!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! That cute little girl grew up to be a beautiful young women! I can't wait to see how cute your little one is going to be!

Ashley said...

Thanks everyone, and thanks for the flowers, family! I'm glad I have hair now, that's for sure. Playwright?...yeah, I guess if you go all the way back to the second grade!

The Gunderson's said...

Deon! Ashley seems like quite the catch! What a lucky mom you are! I have her gift! I will bring it over tomorrow or Sunday!!!