Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For that Special Someone on Your List

Yay! I know all of you have that one person on your list that is sooooooo difficult to buy for either because you don't dare guess their size (major offenses could be given and/or taken), or they are so crazy picky about their stuff that even a darling trinket arriving in the famous pale blue box from Tiffany & Co. wouldn't satisfy. Your troubles are over, my friend, because have I got just the thing for you (and your impossible-to-buy-for special someone)!

My local newspaper basically did my shopping for me when it recently ran this advertisement for . . . are you ready? . . . "A Thoughtful Gift--Give someone you love the added comfort of an extra tall toilet with the beauty of fine European design." SOLD! Say no more! This item just screams "thoughtful gift," does it not? I especially like the "elongated seat design" feature. Nice. Ooo and looky! It comes with a beautiful red bow perched right on top so your gift wrapping chore is done. What more could anyone ask for? You give this little beauty away, and you and your gift will be the talk of the family for years, guar-an-teed!


Beth said...

Does it come with a step stool for those of us not into extra tall?

Jenifer Morris said...

I'll take three please!