Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thank Goodness for Belts

Awesome Elder Sean sent this picture in last week's email. He wrote that the tray he is holding contains about ten pounds of meat, which was then devoured by six hungry elders. Wow! That's a lot of gnawing! So multiply that ten-pound tray of meat by four, and what have you got? The amount of weight that Sean has lost so far on his mission. And he says he is still losing.

So the part of me that knows I must hold it together and not let my imagination run away to scary places says that Sean's 40-pound weight loss is due to all of the walking up and down the mountain that Sean must hike each day. Yeah. Okay. Hiking. That's it. We'll stick with that. Because I'm not a fool, and I know what many of you are thinking: PARASITE. Lalalalala, I have my fingers in my ears, I'm not listening to you, lalalalalalala. I'm not listening . . . . Besides, that cow on the wall behind Sean's head looks healthy enough, right? No parasites for miles around. As far as the eye can see. And health and safety inspectors never take bribes to look the other way, do they. Nope. But, hey? Just for fun, let's close our eyes and offer a prayer for recovery (not that it's needed) for Seanie. Just cuz. You guys. Pshhh. Parasites. Shiver.


Beth said...

He looks like he is having the time of his life! Good for him!

The Morris Family said...

Maybe I should get a parasite too! (Or try hiking more!) I have to admit that the plate of food that Sean is holding does not look appetizing at all!!!

Lisa said...

Of course it is all the walking and I didn't hear anything about the gunmen lalalala that Elder Sam saw one night lalalala in a dark alleylalala!