Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sean Shall Be Shod in New Shoes Shortly!

Now say that fast, three times!

From Sean, a couple of weeks back:
I have to ask a favor of you guys. In a matter of days, I will no longer have any shoes with soles on them. And I can't find any place here that sells shoes in my size. I don't know if you could send me some shoes or if you even want to try? I don't know if the store where we bought them still has the information that we left them about a year ago but maybe you can see what you can do and then write me next week? If they do have the info, you can send them in a size or half-size smaller if you want because due to the "weight loss" the shoes that I have now fit me kind of loose. Thanks...we do a lot of walking.

Oh, bless his heart.  
So I did contact the store, Mr. Mac, (and I'm naming names here) where we bought Sean's shoes for his mission paying a pretty penny for each pair. The store manager was very gracious and said that if we could supply him with a photo of Sean's shoes to check whether the wear and tear was a manufacturing problem, he would replace the shoes for free.  Unfortunately, Sean is currently residing in one of the poorest nations in the entire solar system, and the computers at his neighborhood internet cafe' do not do photos. Shucks!  And I say shucks! not just for the lack of photos of the shoes, but shucks! for the lack of photos of Sean!!!  For all I know, he has taken to dressing like Mr. Furley of Three's Company and has begun sporting a toupee'.  Well, you know I'm just kidding, but, really, it has been months, months(!!!) I tell you, since we had a photo of Elder Sean.   And it would be nice to know that he isn't wearing the one-piece jumpsuit ala Don Knotts.  I'm just sayin'.
So back to my original train of thought (I thought you'd never ask).  Upon learning that I couldn't obtain a photo of the tired out shoes, the manager at Mr. Mac just handed me a pair of new shoes, which smelled so leathery and manly, and told me that he would give these to me and would go one better by giving me another free pair when I brought in the photo of Sean's worn-down-to-nothing-but-holes shoes.
Ha!  I have had a thing for new shoes all of my life, and now I love them even more, especially when they are worn by my darling boy.  Thank you, Mister Mac.  You're a good man.


Beth said...

I'm sure Elder Sean will enjoy a new pair of shoes, almost as much as you! Send him our love and well wishes.

The Morris Family said...

That was very nice of Mr. Mac! Please send Sean our love!

Lisa said...

Ah,rats! I wish I had known that! Sam went through two pairs of Mr. Mac shoes!

Dave said...

So, does this mean you will now be buying all YOUR new shoes at Mac as well????

Kathleen said...

Has anyone ever said that Sean has big feet? Those are some mighty fine shoes for him. I do not know of this Mr. Mac you speak of, but he sounds like a wonderful man. Enjoy the shoes!