Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fridays With Kimball!

Either Kimball is totally enamored with this toy basketball and couldn't stand to be parted from it even while he slept, or he is trying to tell me in his own unique way that napping in my little port-a-crib is like sleeping on a brick wall which, unfortunately, has the same denseness as that fruitcake which was *regifted* (it had to be) to us by our neighbors last Christmas. By the by, Dave is being TOTALLY overly dramatic about that chipped tooth, if you ask me.

Kimball and his basketball head cushion instantly reminded me of my big sister who, whenever she got a new pair of shoes, would go to bed with them on her feet. Or sometimes she would put them right next to her head on the pillow so the new shoes could be instantly viewed the next morning. Thank goodness she finally outgrew that. (I think the stiletto-poke-in-the-eye incident last May was what finally cured her.)


Ashley said...

Oooh, it melts your heart! Look at that soft, pudgy little hand. He was so cute tonight trotting on grandpa's shoulders!

Beth said...

I'm thinking he has thrown his binkie over for his basketball! Is he dreaming of the Harem Globetrotters or all that Jazz?