Thursday, October 01, 2009

Let the Competitions Begin!

Show season has begun for the incredibly awesome American Fork Marching Band, and they are up to their old tricks of completely sweeping the competitions once again. (Sometimes I feel kind of bad for the other schools who march their little hearts out only to be walking back to their buses with their clarinets dragging on the ground behind them after another loss to AF. Truly I do.) Christian's band totally dominated their first competition of the year by not only winning first place overall, but by taking all caption awards which include: "Outstanding Music," "Outstanding Visual," "Outstanding Color Guard," and "Outstanding Percussion." But it certainly comes at a price. So there. While a lot of Christian's friends are busy doing important stuff like playing "The Beatles: Rock Band" and such, he is stomping away with 40 pounds of drums strapped to his chest for hours and hours and hours and hours in rehearsal every single week with a determination to do his best and make his mama proud. And I am. Way. Good on ya, Christian!

Check out the band as they appear in my s-h-a-k-y video attempt to give you just a taste of their show paying tribute to the WWII vets. The show, called "The Greatest Generation," incorporates part of the ballad from "Band of Brothers" during the third movement (and no, that's definitely not the part you'll see and hear in the video below), and you can see that the color guard girls are dressed as Rosie the Riveter. Every band member wears a dog tag around his/her neck bearing the name of a relative or someone they hold dear who served in the armed forces during WWII. Christian's name tag reads, "Joseph Ricks," the brother of my mom. Uncle Joe was killed while serving his country in the war at the tender age of 20.

The video below coincidentally shows the same portion of the show that we see in the video above and was shot while the band played their music again in the parking lot without marching, as is their tradition after a competition. This gives you a better look at Christian in action but not much better due to the late afternoon sun shooting pointy arrows directly in my retinas causing them to be totally toasted. I just aimed my little digital camera in his general direction and let 'er rip. Air bags, anyone? So sorry about that. BUT NEVER FEAR! You've gotta know that I will be putting up another video of one of the next competitions (if not all . . . ), don't you?! Uh, yeah. Nobody ever said that you have to watch, you know.


The Morris Family said...

Way to go Christian. Addison kept saying "again, again". She thought you "rocked" too!

Ashley said...

Go AF! I think Christian is looking more and more like Sean, especially in those first two photos of him!

Beth said...

Great job! You ROCK! I love the idea of the dog tags! What a great way to remember our heroes!

Lisa said...

Savor every moment. I can't even drive by our high school!