Saturday, November 14, 2009

AF Marching Band Rocks!

The friends and family members of the band anxiously awaiting the announcement of the top 12 bands qualifying for finals--a more supportive group I have never seen

Sadly, the American Fork Marching Band didn't make the finals at the Grand National Competition. Shucks. But they gave it everything they had, and that is enough. The band wanted to do this for themselves, of course, but also for the memory of Heather Christensen, one of their band staff who was killed in the bus accident last month. After having dedicated this show to her, I think the band will now have closure and can move on. Even though the band won't be playing tonight, their incredible story will be featured during the finals at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Very cool.

Now, I just want Christian home.


Sentiments of sympathy for the loss of Heather from other bands

More outpouring of kindness and support

Letters and emails streamed in with messages of love

And more

From bands all across the state

Even fierce rivals

Hundreds of trophies earned by the band

Hundreds more

Now, do you have a sec? Don't hang up! I have to share a merry little story with you before you and I say goodnight:

So, Christian has always felt a bit deprived because he never got to eat at . . . ga . . . ga . . . gagWhite Castle . . . gag . . . (ooh, hairball) . . . while we lived in Illinois. Actually, he did have that, aaah, shall we say, opportunity, but I suppose he was simply too young to remember it. Either that, or his brain did that nifty thing it can do, and it wiped that truly gruesome experience out of his conscious mind. I, on the other hand, was old enough to remember it, and my brain did not do any wiping. So, since Christian was in Indianapolis for the band competition, and since he was only down the road a smidge from a gagWhite Castle, and since he prides himself on being something of a gourmand, he jumped at the chance to partake. The official pronouncement? And I quote, "White Castle has GOT to be the very bottom of the fast food chain," unquote.

My sincerest apologies to Messrs. White and Castle, but sometimes mom really does know best.


Ellen James said...

I just love you! I'm so happy to read your blog. A little part of me wishes to have been there at the high school too. I missed my husband and friends tonight when the announcement was made. Although I made lots of cool new friends here in Indy, there's no place like home.

The kids did an amazing job and should be very, very proud. Everyone around us or those who met us around town LOVED our band. It touched their hearts and spirits. They were here for a reason, one which we may never even know. It was an amazing event for them to be at.

Love you... miss you!

Ellen James said...

BTW... I took the SAME pictures the other day while I was in the band room (watching the checks pour in). So, as I am stuck in Indy for 2 more days, I will be blogging lots (OK, don't hold me to it, now it sounds like work). Please don't think I stole your pictures when I blog mine! :)

The Morris Family said...

I am sad to hear that Christian and AF were not able to make it to the finals, but I am glad that they were able to make it to BOA! BTW, I think I will pass on White Castle if I ever get the opportunity! Thanks for the heads up! LOL

Lisa said...

An amazing journey that will not soon be forgotten.

Jacque said...

HA Ha HA Deon, you are so funny! But, I will tell you now have me wanting a yummy hamburger (not from gagWhite castle:) from Chadder's! I love the Beef and leaf! They wrap the meat in lettuce instead of using hamburger buns! So yummy!!
I miss you! Hope you're well!