Thursday, November 05, 2009

I'm the Luckiest Girl!

Um, St. Peter? Hello? Hello? Have I died and gone to Heaven? I can hardly believe that I have been blessed with yet more pictures of Seanie. After all of those months without one single picture. Months and months. Hoping, praying, finger crossing. Months! So I must share:

Sean's shoes have obviously lived the hard life. Lots of walking. Not very many chances for resting atop of an ornately carved mahogany desk. Rarely a day off for good behavior.

Here is Sean preaching to the stubborn but doing so with a lot of enthusiasm and sincerity. Alas, Mr. Bernard Bull has a hardened heart and has closed his ears to the truth. He may also be color blind.

A peculiar pecking order manifested itself when six elders shared a single mirror. I guess it helps to be 6'2". (The last the best of all the game, and all that jazz . . . or is it the tallest?)
Believe you me, more photos will follow. So gear up, boys and girls. I'm wearing my Mother-of-a-Missionary badge with honor!!!


Lisa said...

Oh, there is nothing like missionary pics to gladden the heart! I love these! He looks so good.

Beth said...

He looks so good! Thanks for sharing his photos with us!

Gwyl said...

It looks like his treads were wearing evenly. No need for an alignment on that pair. He looks like he is really enjoying his mission.

Melissa said...

I cannot believe that little Sean is on a mission! Man, does time fly or what?! He's such a doll! Where is he?

Deon said...

Melissa, Sean is in one of the most financially challenged (in other words very, very poor) countries in the hemisphere, Honduras. But he LOVES it! Seriously loving it.