Wednesday, November 11, 2009

They Are Going to Grand Nationals!

(Christian is second quad from the right)

Holy cats! The American Fork Marching Band has decided on a moment's notice to attend the BIG KAHUNA of marching band competitions at the Bands of America Grand National Competition in Indianapolis this Friday! Wha . . . ? How? . . . When did they . . . ?

This will be very, very hard, but I will try to make a long story short: The band previously decided to go to the national competition next year (as in, NOT this year) as it is extremely expensive for the families to fund their child in the band in the first place, not to mention adding an additional $900+ to pay to go to the national competition. The band director is very sensitive to the outlay that each family must bear, so he only takes the band to the national competition every few years. This year was not to be one of those years. However, (cue dramatic music here) after the band's final performance at the Bands of America Regional Competition last weekend, (AF totally swept the competition and took every single shiny prize the BOA dangled in front of them, hooha!), the BOA judges were so blown away by AF's show that they approached our band director and told him that he must take his band to the national competition. This. Coming. Week. I think our band director's mind must have blasted out of his head at that point with even the suggestion. I mean, really. These national competitions are such a big deal that years, years!!! of preparation are made before taking the band to such an event.

Imagine trying to get the parents onboard with the idea, the school district's approval, hotels, flights, semi trucks driving the equipment half way across the country . . . seriously an unbelievable undertaking. Probably harder than trying to squeeze into a pair of Spanx. The logistics alone are staggering: 221 band students and about 30 staff members and chaperones to put up in hotels, feed, transport by air and then bus . . . cuurraaazzzzzzyyyyyy. Those BOA judges are just plain daffy. Insane. No way. Nuh, uh. Oh. By the way, the band is going. SHRIEK!!! Can you believe it? They are going!!! In the space of about 36 hours, a parents meeting was held, votes were cast, money was collected from each family, donations were made for those financially limited, and the BAND IS GOING.

One moment Christian is picking out his tux for this weekend's formal preference dance (one of the casualties of all of this), the next moment he is packing up his jammies and his drumsticks racing to catch his plane. As an aside, that boy is one tall drink of water in his Agent 007 tux. Just sayin'.

There wasn't even a time slot available for the band in the competition. Like I said (humphf! were you even listening?), this competition is huge, and bands spend years anticipating it. The BOA judge said he would squeeze AF's band into the lineup on the very first day of competition before the very first slot, which isn't even officially a slot. Then a miracle happened (harp music here). Another band dropped out. Just like that. So now AF has an official time slot.

Friday. 11:00 a.m. MST. Pray.

Now you have my permission to say, "liar, liar, pants on fire." Apparently, making a long story short is way beyond my ability.


The Morris Family said...

That is REALLY cool! I am so proud of Christian. Are the mom and dad going to be able to make it out there to support?

Melissa said...

Oh YAY! One of the girls in my YWs is in the Orem High School Band. She was talking about how great AF was this year! Good luck, I REALLY hope it goes well!

Ashley said...


Jason, Alicia, and Addie said...

Wow, that's awesome! I remember the good ol' BOA days...that will be such a fun experience for him. I'm glad they were able to make it work!

Beth said...

Best of Luck! Even though AF won't need it! I predict another sweep!

Lisa said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear how this all "plays" out! Keep us posted!