Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yes, Kimball, (and Dave), There is a Santa Claus

Since Kimball's curiosity regarding the actual validity of Mr. Santa Claus has reached a feverish pitch, I decided to give Kimball the gift of hope and optimism. I'll let you have a sneak peak by copying the address below and pasting it into your browser window. Go ahead. Don't be shy. Go on, now. You won't be sorry; this is so darling. C'mon and copy and paste. But remember to come back because I have more to tell you! (As if you ever doubted that I would run out of things to say. Right.) See you in a minute.


Howdy. Sweet, no? So listen up. Dave's own belief in Santa has started waning of late. Dave has had to perform much of the work which would normally fall under Santa's official job description, thus questions have crept in and lingered. Apparently, Santa has become very addicted to Facebook and Twitter. Can't drag him away from them. Couple that with the lure of Mrs. C's holiday eggnog, with a big, and I mean BIG, emphasis on the nog part, and all this just screams INTERVENTION NEEDED AT THE NORTH POLE--STAT! Alas, Dave has had to pick up the slack for Santa aka Tipsy the Twitterer, and now Dave is coming perilously close to joining . . . gasp . . . THE UNBELIEVERS. I know! I decided he needed a bit of hope and optimism himself. So here is a gift to Dave to drag him back from the very brink of the "Abyss-of-Zero-Toys" where all doubters go. Santa does not reward doubters. And, I am happy to report, Santa does seem to be back in top form thanks to a nasty virus which infected his FB and Twitter accounts rendering them basically useless freeing up much of Santa's time. In a cruel twist of irony, Santa now has more doubters than ever thanks to the hackers who continue posting pictures of Osama Bin Laden claiming he is the real Santa all dressed up in his desert-wear collection. So here you go. Whew! My work here is done.

You know the drill: copy and paste. http://portablenorthpole.tv/watch/ed2dc6b5f15e5a195b806696f27ff6de


Ashley said...

Sweet, sweet little Kimball. He has tried SO hard to be a good boy this year. Such a precious boy. So easy to please.

So is Dave apparently. Just give him some BYU football tickets and a new pair of shoes, and he will be content to put on his football helmet and happily do house and yard work until next Christmas rolls around.

Kathleen said...

Haha! This is so funny! You always find the funniest stuff.

Beth said...

I am so glad that Kimball and Dave have been good little boys this year! Instead of tickets for Dave, it sounds like he is going to need a new watch and glasses!

The Morris Family said...

I am so glad that BOTH Kimball and Dave made it on the nice list. I was kind of worried that Dave wouldn't make it!

Dave said...

I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!