Thursday, January 14, 2010

¡Ho, Ho, Ho! ¡Feliz Navidad!

Papa' Noel came to our house on January 7th via a Christmas package from Elder Sean! Just check out the loot we received:

Ashley and Jordan are modeling their authentic Honduran bags which are muy maravilloso for carrying things like phones, netbooks, keys, wallets, a ham on rye . . .
Here Ashley and Jordan pose for HondurasVogue Magazine.

I adore my tortilla press, as well as my
"Jorges Foreman Grill" on which to
burn fry the tortillas. Fry the tortillas! Me burn something?

Ahhh, just the thing for Christian aka Gilligan.
His buddy, the Skipper, already has designs on taking it over--
can't you just read the envy in his face?

Don't mess with this guy--he's packin' heat.
(See photo below of Sean modeling Dave's heat.)

Sean said he would have to hand-deliver
this sweet little machete to Dave; in the meantime it looks like
Elder Sagers is standing just a little taller and a little bolder for some reason . . .
¡Gran compras! ¡Gracias muy, tanto Santa Sean!
¡Adoro ese chico!

Today's Helpful Hint: A smoke alarm serves remarkably well as a dinner bell.


Jenni Elyse said...

Those are awesome gifts! I really like Ashley and Jordan's bags. Is Sean going to be able to bring the machete back with all the airport laws now?

Jacqueline said...

He looks awesome!
What a fun package to receive!

Lisa said...

How fun!

Beth said...

Sean looks great! He looks so happy! Love your gifts!

Ashley said...

Yes, I wonder how on earth that machete is going to make it here. I love our bags! He definitely knew who would like what, although I do covet Christian's hammock.

The Morris Family said...

What great gifts! How thoughtful of Sean!
When you figure out how to use your tortilla press, please let me know. We make flour tortillas and they don't tend to work very well for me in my tortilla press.
I was also wondering how Sean was going to get the machete through the airport security!?!

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Jason, Alicia, and Addie said...

Wow, awesome package! I love that hammock...lucky guy. I'll bet it's great to get those pictures of him. (I've always thought that late gifts were more fun than on-time ones anyway...then you're not expecting them :).