Monday, March 15, 2010


Dagnabit, Myrtle, she's at it again . . .
Run for your lives!
Well! Since it appears that we're all still experiencing those "drag-me-down-to you-know-where-winter-blues" causing me to be pretty darn close to chopping my head off, this is as good of a time as any to announce another caption contest! I KNOW! Can you believe it? You can thank me later. I can actually sense your excitement right now through my big monitor thingy! To jog your memory about the last caption contest and the hilarity that ensued, go here.

So, here's the drill: Tomorrow I will post a captionless photograph and let you go to town. But remember! Be kind! Also, a bunch of boring rules must be followed (please see small print below). The winner will receive the unbelievably fantastic mother lode of . . . um, let's see, the unbelievably fantastic mother lode of . . . well, the unbelievablyfantasticmotherlode of something or other. I'll get back to you on that. So enter today! You have until March 22 to submit as many captions as your little noggin can dream up. You can also submit anonymously if you are a bit shy about your brilliance--no need to name drop your own name if you don't want to cuz I'll be able to dig you up if you're the big winner. I can do that because I know people who know people who know people. You know, that whole Kevin Bacon thing and the six degrees of separation hooha.

And now for the fine print: a) winner must be living in the USofA (residents of Yuma, Arizona are not eligible due to the fact that they live in the USofA's "sunniest city", thus having absolutely no reason to snivel or whine about the ol' "drag-me-down-to-you-know-where-winter-blues" {Oooooh. Yes, I admit it, jealousy raises her ugly head here, folks . . .}; b) winner agrees to really, really, really try to put on a happy face when awarded the unbelievablyfantasticmotherlode of something or other; and, c) winner must agree to never, as in NOT UNTIL PIGS FLY, sue this sponsor if Kevin Bacon accuses winner of stalking him.

(Pigs, Kevin BACON, get it? . . . oh, I'll stop now.)

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Lisa said...

Have you still got that white elf? That would be a fine prize.