Saturday, April 03, 2010

From Our Hearts to His Wall

So it seems that on P-days Elder Sean hangs out in yet another Internet cafe' that unfortunately hosts the CHUG-A-LUG variety of computers which are unable to send photos, thus making me very, very frustrated that he can't zip off any new photos to us. I swear, we've only received about a dozen pictures from him during his entire mission. No foolin'. Can a mom call "foul" without losing any of her blessings she freely acknowledges as coming from having a boy on a mish?

I'm really hoping and praying that the lack of recent photos truly is due to the CHUG-A-LUG computers Sean is obliged to use and not because Sean has had an ear whacked off by a machete or some such nonsense causing him to be just plain scared to let us see that horror in a photo. I'm pretty sure he figures that we are astute enough to notice something like that, for goodness sake. He has been hinting a lot lately about stories that must wait until after the mission. I'm playing the odds that say that these are NOT Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm stories. Can you now understand my machete hangup? I think I need therapy.

k. So, because of the lack of recent pictures, I'm posting a photo of Sean which we received a couple of months ago featuring the handiwork of my little band of hooligans. And since I'm in charge of all of these little hooligans, I made sure that a lot of LUV went into Sean's poster. Sean wrote,
"Enjoy the photo that I am going to send you because I sure enjoyed receiving the big poster from the Primary! You guys are so thoughtful. I enjoyed all of the inspiring messages that were shared, and I really appreciate the effort that you put into sending me that! I hung it over my bed so I always wake up and go to bed with a smile."
Even if Sean comes home with only one ear, you can't resist loving a boy who writes something that sweet.


Jason said...

Bummer about slow internet cafe's! One of my brother's had the same problem in Tahiti and had to mail his USB drive home once a year (yeah, so twice in all). Only the first time the internet cafe he used infected his USB with a Trojan virus so we lost about half of the 100 pictures from his first year out. Crazy foreign cafe's and their unprotected internet...

Long story short, I love that top picture :).

Jason said...

(Oh, this is Alicia, by the way, though you probably assumed that...)

Ashley said...

Well, he has his head turned just so in that picture, so you never know! He is looking so good and skinny!

Lisa said...

There is nothing like having missionaries out to bless a ward and especially a primary. When Sam was out we had NINE missionaries out. You know how unusual that is for our ward and we could surely feel it. It blessed all of us. I love reading Sean's tender feelings. Don't you love watching conference this weekend, knowing he is doing exactly the same thing you are doing at that exact same moment!! You are on the home stretch...he will be home before you know it.