Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who Is That Birthday Boy?

Let's play: Name This Baby Face
Can you guess who was due for the free birthday corndog offered by Wienershnizel for all good birthday boys and girls?
(Classy place to go for one's b-day!)
I'm really diggin' that sweet bike!
And those high-waisted pants . . .

Instead of cashing in on his free birthday corndog (probably a very wise decision), Mr. Birthday Boy opted to go with me to see these very cool hep cats:
My sincerest apologies to Christian for chopping off his head; I swear it wasn't my fault.



Lisa said...

I am so jealous of Dave...he never looks older. Happy Birthday, Dave!

Jenni Elyse said...

I had no idea he went to Japan on his mission. Sugoi nee!

Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu! Douzo yukkuri!

The Morris Family said...


Christian sounded great, even with his head chopped off! :)

Ashley said...

Aw cute! At first I thought that flag was attached to his bike, which would be awesome. Where's his missionary tag??

Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa aka "Da. Da!"

Deon said...

Ash, the flag was attached to the bike; Dave said he always felt kind of self-conscious with that big hunkin' thing on the back, but it served the purposes of spreading the gospel as well as avoiding being slammed into by crazy drivers.

As far as his missionary tag--who knows? Dave?

Melissa said...

Wow....Could Christian look any more like his Dad?! That picture was unbelievable!

Happy Birthday, Dave! I'm sure my husband ate a corn dog in your honor.

Melissa said...

(Oh, and I love Lisa's comment....coming from the immortal herself!)

Gwyl said...

Happy Birthday Dave.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Dave! You don't look a day older! Wow! Were we ever really that young?????? Forever young!

Dave said...

Well, first of all, I'm not sure where my name badge is in this picture (probably on my suit coat, but I can't remember why I'm not wearing my coat). Secondly, who is that guy???? I do not remember being such a skinny, high pants wearin lad. Must be an imposter! (which would explain the name badge...)

Dave 2 said...

In addition, I must say that I would rather spend my time listening to Christian rockin on the drums than Der Wienershnizel anytime! (But next time, can we go to Der Sienershnizel after the concert??!!)