Friday, June 18, 2010


I very nearly whipped out the streamers and tooters in celebration on Monday because a brand spankin' new photo from Sean arrived in my inbox! Now we do The Dawnce of Joy!!!

We shall also play a game.

In this photo, can you spy:

*One extremely handsome, rip-your-heart out, tender, gentle, kind, devoted, awesome boy

*Three red pencils (not necessarily together)

*A wallet



*Some sort of a doodah that looks like an underwater camera, but I think I've seen it in one of Sean's previous photos being utilized as a funky Honduran hair brush

*What I suspect might be--but hope with all of my heart that they aren't--pills for the proper care and annihilation of intestinal p-p-p-parasites. There. I said it. Yes. I think Sean might have a parasite. Okay dokey, then.

You may want to enlarge the photo
to increase your odds of winning
My. Isn't he the cutest thing?

Because I have a a ginormo generous and giving heart, and because I have this desperate inner drive to make you like me, here is a cheat sheet. Hopefully, this will help you all feel really good about reading my ramshackle little blog now and then. Thanks for comin'!

Answers circled in blue. Well, it's really more of a cerulean blue, but
I didn't want to sound too out-of-touch with the common folk.
So, I guess I'll just stick with blue.


Kathleen said...

Oh my gosh! He and Christian could be TWINS! Holy cow. I bet you are thrilled over the picture. Lookin good!

Gwyl said...

Handsome boy. What in the world is he eating? It looks good.

Beth said...

He is very handsome! I think I just saw Gwyl run into the kitchen to make himself something to eat! I hope he didn't drool on the computer after seeing Sean's dinner! LOL!

The Morris Family said...

What a good looking boy! I hope someone got video of you doing The Dawnce of Joy! I'd love to see that! :)

Ashley said...

LOL @ Beth! I found all the items in the picture! Can't believe he will be home in three months!!

Lisa said...

That is the biggest looking burrito I have ever seen!