Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Main Event

As promised, I am more than just a tad proud to present to you:
Master Suave N. Debonair

PROM 2010

After dining with six other couples and before heading out to the actual dance, the gang had about an hour to kill. What to do, what to do. This foursome came back to our house, and Christian stared at me with a bit of desperation in his eyes and pleading in his smile. (Help!) WHAT TO DO? WE HAVE AN HOUR OF AWKWARD NOTHINGNESS TO DO! Hey! Go jump on the trampoline in the backyard! Nooooooo. Those hairdos cost good money. Um, play Wii? So unoriginal. Ride our motorcycles? Heck, yeah!!! Oh. Nope.

I was wracking my brain for an idea when a little voice in the back of my noggin kept saying that this is the perfect opportunity for a bit of service to be rendered--we have the time, we have the willing hands, we have the dire situation of doing something, ANYTHING! Wham! I had it! Make cookies and deliver them to someone! But who? As it turns out, all of these kids live in the same stake. So it was decided. Three plates of cookies were made and delivered; one for President Richards, one for President Goodsell, and one for President Cooper. Christian reported back that all three were home and that all three were duly impressed at being served a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies by the local maitre d' and his waitstaff. Tuxes and all. The dance seemed all the more fun after that.

Veering off topic only slightly: Every time I buy a new picture frame and start removing the manufacturer's fake photo of the fake happy couple wearing their fake tans in front of the fake beach, I think, are there really such darling couples in the world that aren't fake? In a word, yes:
Can't you just imagine the little UPC bar code and the words,
"5X7 Photo Frame" stamped across the bottom of this pic?


Gwyl said...

Deon, I think Beth just bought one with that same picture in it! LOL Cute kids. Looks like it was a fun fun night.

Beth said...

Ooh la la! What a handsome boy you have!

Melissa said...

They all look FANTASTIC! What an enchanted evening!

I am SUPER impressed with the impromptu act of service. Go you for thinking of the idea, go them for being so willing!

Melissa said...

....I should add that I am also not opposed to receiving cookies from well dressed teenagers. Just putting that out there.

Lisa said...

Well, it is so refreshing to see modest prom dresses. They are few and far between in these parts. I absolutely love the RED! And the framed prom picture is so adorable...so natural and better then standing in those awful poses! A great evening all around.

Jenni Elyse said...

I love that they match! So cute!

The Morris Family said...

Your absolutely right when you say Mr. Suave N. Debonair! Good looking couple that is for sure!

Kathleen said...

Where was he when I needed a prom date?!

Ashley said...

I love the red too. Lookin' good!!!