Sunday, June 13, 2010

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

I'm putting together a birthday package for Sean. [NEWS FLASH! Sean will be 21 on June 29!!! My little Seanie-boy will soon be able to go nightclub hopping legally! jk! JK!!! Sean is the best missionary e-v-e-r! And I digress.]

Anywho, problems arise when I try to figure just what, exactly, I should send to Sean for his birthday. He doesn't want more junk gifts to lug around from transfer to transfer; cookies or brownies would be as rock-hard as my head after they sit in no-man's land for three to six weeks before they reach him; I don't think he would appreciate a new guitar amplifier at this juncture; and, sending pricey stuff is just asking for nothin' but trouble with a capital "T" and that rhymes with "P" and that stands for pickpocketer. That leaves me with very few options, including another MoTab CD (which Sean loves, so he's getting one), tons of American chocolate candy bars (which Sean really loves, so he's getting lots and lots), and something green (which Sean really, really loves, so he's getting that too):

I got this idea from my sister-in-law who, when asked what she gave to her missionary son for his birthday, told me that she transferred his favorite scripture onto a new pillowcase with an iron-on doodah thingy. Brilliant! Apparently, receiving a nice, clean, unstained pillowcase was the best thing in the world for my nephew serving in Japan, and the scripture on it was simply icing on the cake. My humble attempts here are sort of an embarrassment (understatement!), but next go-round, I'll understand that the ENTIRE page gets transferred, not just the black words. Ya live 'n learn, I guess. Either that, or you just have to be smarter than an iron-on transfer doodah thingy. I'm trying here, people!

One of Sean's very best buddies is serving in Brazil, and he happens to share Sean's birthday, so I made one for him too. And before you ask, the answer is yes, with his own favorite scripture, not Sean's. I'm not that impaired, you guys. Oi to you, Elder Boyd!

Epilogue: Uh, I guess you get the last laugh because I really am that impaired. Today at church I glanced at Sean's missionary plaque in the windowcase, and just now, right now, this exact instant, this very moment, after posting the picture of the awesome (not) pillowcase, I realize that it bears (take a big breath) the. wrong. scripture. Instead of Helaman 8:5, it should be Helaman 5:12. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. (That's me hitting my head against the wall ala Charlie Brown.) Rats.


Beth said...

What a great idea! I'm sure Sean will love his present!

The Morris Family said...

I laughed so hard! I'm sure that he will love the pillowcase even with the wrong scripture on it! Your present to him sounds very thoughtful and I'm sure he will love and adore both you and the gift!

PS. Only three more months!!!

Lisa said...

He will love it and find inspiration in it even if it isn't his "favorite". And anyway, Sam freaked when I sent him a new pillowcase once! Do they not wash bedding on missions??!!

Shane, Liz and all the Crew said...

If you weren't impaired, I wouldn't "get" your humor and I wouldn't think we were Siamese twins separated at getting all the looks and the funny bone! anywhoo,I love to check your blog and get updated on your exciting life! I also have a missionary birthday coming up on Sunday, but he requested ties...maybe I could get an iron on do-hickey for his tie!
keep on are hilarious...albeit impaired!

Ashley said...

Don't worry, whenever I try out a new craft or project, I make every mistake and blunder possible. It takes at least two attempts for me to get it right!