Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do You Scream? (For Ice Cream?)

Just for the fun of it, I threw down the gauntlet to my little band of 90 half-pints, challenging them to correctly answer a question from the LDS Church magazine, the Friend, in exchange for a delicious ice cream cone. They accepted my challenge with gusto! And their parents too! People do like their ice cream, I must say.

I really had no idea how many kids and/or parents to expect, maybe a dozen? In the end, I counted 83 people in my backyard itching for a lick of goodness, and found myself holding my breath in hopes that my ice cream supply didn't run out right then and there, just in time for some unlucky little Sunbeam to throw a hissy fit and declare Sister Sagers "mean." I'm glad to say that we made it with literally two soupy scoops of Cookies 'N Cream to spare. Luckily, our very foul weather of late cooperated perfectly for that hour (and for that hour only), and we had a fabulous time in my backyard with ice cream, friends, big band music, and even a jumbo-size thank you note for our bishop.

See if you can come up with the answer to the question posed. I'd be happy to ship off an ice cream cone to you if you come up with the goods!

PLEASE READ! Limited Liability Clause: I do not, in any way, guarantee that your ice cream cone will arrive at your home in any sort of edible condition. In fact, I absolve myself of any and all claims for reimbursement made upon you from your mailperson for official USPS uniform dry cleaning for the removal of rocky road stains.

So, are you game? Cuz here we go:

In which temple was Isaac sealed
to his mother and father?

Click on image below to find the answer. Either that, or get out your humungous magnifying glass so you can read these teensy tiny teeny words.
Orders will be accepted in the "leave a comment" section.

Can you see the storm starting to brew in this last picture? The rain had already begun to sprinkle a bit making this ginorm thank you note a bit ruffly, but BLOW ME DOWN! The subsequent hour or so about knocked my shoes off with all of that howling, blowing, blustering. And that was just Dave. You should have seen the actual storm!


Melissa said...

Ooh, oohh - me, ME! Detroit, Michigan Temple!

I'll send you my address. Soupy, hot, dripping mail is always allowed at my house!

I'm in LOVE with your back yard....and your shoes! :)

Lisa said...

Well, aren't you just the cutest Primary President. And the shoes! Girl! You would definitely find home sweet home by tapping those suckers together after a bad storm! Too fabulous!

Ashley said...

Detroit! What a fun party it was.

The Morris Family said...

Answer: Detroit Michigan Temple.

That looks like a ton of fun! I wish I would have known about the party. I'd have braved Hurricane Dave to have a scoop of Cookies N' Cream.

Jason said...

Wow, 90! That's a large primary. My ward has about 300 average attenders but only about 50 primary kids. Love the ice cream idea,'re so creative!

Kathleen said...

Cute shoes! Dave looks just thrilled to be holding that big card but your shoes are TO DIE for!

Oh, the answer is Detroit Temple. Now, what if you sent me the cash so I can go get my own ice cream?? Haha. You always through the most fun shindigs.