Saturday, July 31, 2010

1/2 = A Screamin' Party, Party!

Do you remember when you were a kid and you counted your age not by years, but by "AND A HALF!" As in, "My name is Lucie Ruth Mabel, and guess what? I'm fo' AND A HALF!!!" Whatever you do, don't forget the "AND A HALF!" if you want to score points with little dudes and gals.

So, Kimball has joined the club and recently celebrated his "AND A HALF!" birthday. Can you say, P-A-R-T-AAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY! Daddy Jordan has further won my heart by showing his awesome shopping-for-presents prowess! Good on ya, Jordan!

My, my, my, this baby is scrumptious.

Once again, sorry about the graininess of the video; I originally thought that my lame-o camera had an attitude. You must know what's coming: It turns out it was just lame-o me. Shucks. Perhaps I shouldn't apologize for the graininess; perhaps I should just tell you that I was aiming for the oh so avant-garde treatment with my footage. Yeah, that's the ticket. And, I like it.

Special thanks to Christian, my editor extraordinaire!


Melissa said...

MAN! I want a half birthday if they're that awesome!

Happy -and-a-half, Kimball!

Beth said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday cute little Kimball! Yippee! Presents!

The Morris Family said...

I wish I had half birthday parties! What a great idea to get birthday presents twice a year!

Ashley said...

Celebration! Lucky Kimball gets presents on his halves because his birthday is practically on Christmas. So we spoil him!

Kimball watched this twice today!

J, A & A said...

I completely my opinion grownups should be able to claim their 1/2 birthday's as well...why not add another holiday to the mix?

Kimball is growing up SO fast! He's adorable.