Saturday, July 17, 2010

Coincidence or Crafty Crafting Caper?

Before we begin today's proceedings, please view Exhibit "A"
commencing at the 2:30 mark:

Me: "Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. I posted this very idea on my blog earlier this week, and yesterday it showed up on their television show! I WANT JUSTICE, AND I WANT IT NOW!"

Attorney for KSL Studio 5: "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Better Homes and Garden Magazine sells over 7.6 million copies of its magazine a month. This crafty idea was featured therein. Don't you think it might be a remote possibility that the producers of this show saw the idea in the magazine as opposed to haphazardly stumbling across it on this crazy person's sorry little blob?"

Me: "Well, yeah, but . . . but . . . but . . . I have lots and lots of (at least two and sometimes three!) readers who could have nicked the idea from my blog and sent it viral or even (gasp!) tweeted about it!"

Attorney for KSL Studio 5: "7.6 million copies a month, ladies and gentlemen. 7.6 million. I don't even make that much in a month! Well, not in a slow month, anyway. Anywho! 7.6 million magazines are a lot! She doesn't have a prayer of proving this accusation."

Me: "Well, maybe not. Tell you what. I won't raise anymore ruckus about the show filching my idea (never-you-mind about me copying it, that's beside the point and not important right now). Where was I? Oh, yeah. So I'll let KSL off the hook if you'll get me a photo op for my blog with some sort of famous person from around here like David Archuleta or Jazz Bear or Robert Redford, cuz I hear you entertainment attorney types know people who know people. Yeah? Really? You will? Great! Oh-kay! That's more like it! Ready? Johnny Depp. Give me Johnny Depp, then I'll drop the lawsuit. It's Johnny Depp or nothing. Hey! Where are you going? You can't just walk away like that! And, stop calling me 'that crazy blob person'! For your information, it's a BLOG not a BLOB! Hey! Come back here you, you, you . . . (gulp) lawyer!"


The Morris Family said...

I think it is high time you hired your own attorney. I think you got ripped off and they are taking advantage of the fact that you have no one to defend your case! Jerks!
I still think yours look prettier than in the magazine and am willing to send you my address so that I can get a couple! LOL

Beth said...

I think your cones are much, much prettier than the ones KSL showcased! So there! In the long run, you won! They would be lucky to have you on their show! You are much more better suited for the camera than there on screen people! By a long shot!

Dave said...

We'll take this all the way to the Supreme Court!