Sunday, July 04, 2010

Do We Ever Really Know?

I'm going to go and get all serious on you. And sappy. Quite sappy. Embarrassingly sappy. Just forewarning ya. You know the risk, so now you're on your own.

I would like you to ponder a thought: Do we ever really know how our actions can touch the lives of others? Do we ever fully realize to what extent our influence has on those around us? Yup, we know that what we say and do to and for others leaves our mark. But we probably conclude that our impact leaves even less of an imprint on those who stand on the periphery of our personal world only catching a mere whiff of us and our doings. Not necessarily so.

I was given an absolute gift by a couple of complete strangers a few months ago. It was a gift that was not necessarily intended for me personally. A gift that makes me a little teary even now. What was that gift? I received a beautiful glimpse into the very same world my adorable Sean is a part of this very moment while he is living and serving in Honduras. Such a gift. Very maudlin, I know, but also very true.

A local film festival screened a documentary called "Rise," the story about an old, broken man in Honduras who was struck with polio as a child but whose dream for the last 50 years has been to build a working helicopter using only junk culled from the junkyard. Oh, and he's doing it inside his home. It is an incredible story. A story told very well with the backdrop being the very country and culture that Sean has grown to love so much. The film was shot in Sean's mission, and after I viewed the film, I asked Sean if he knew the area. Yes, indeed. Sean wrote that he has been in that little town often and knows exactly where and to what I was referring. Such a gift. Such a gift to me! I acknowledge that I am crazy sentimental--I do love that boy to pieces! So, a gift to me!!! A gift of seeing the exact same streets, markets, hovels, poverty, and humanity that Sean has experienced during his time of service and sacrifice.

You just never know whose life you will touch by living yours. So, I say thank you to those filmmakers for my precious gift. Gracias, hombres. Gracias tonto.

(The actual documentary shows much more of the landscape and day-to-day living of Honduras, but the following trailer will give you a taste.)

"Rise" a documentary by Tyler Bastian and Trevor Hill

(You can click on the four-arrow icon for full-screen viewing.)


The Morris Family said...

That is so neat that you were able to see this and to see where you beloved Sean is serving. I would say this is a fabulous gift!

Ashley said...

Yeah, I would love to see this! The country and the people are so beautiful.

Tyler Bastian said...

Thanks for those beautiful words. Just had your post brought to my attention. I am thankful that the film touched you. We are trying to wrap up the film the version you saw was a rough cut. Checkout the progress at and shoot me an email at if you would like to keep up to date. It has been a very long hard expensive process to get the film where it is today and when I hear words like yours it makes it all worth it.