Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Attempting Failing to Craft!

The photo below shows the goal I was shooting for, straight from the glossy pages of BH&G Magazine. Looky here. So cute.

In very short order, "the goal" morphed and became one of merely restraining myself from hucking my pitiful little efforts out the back door to our local herd of deer who insist on having a coffee klatch in our backyard on a nightly basis. So, as you will see, my version turned out okaaaaay; just not quite fit for an 8X10 glossy close-up, unfortunately.

Here's how the madness went down: After having absolutely zero luck finding meringue cookies at any bakery (am I asking too much here, people?), I did what the Little Red Hen would have done in the same situation, and I made them myself! (Kind of a royal pain, if you want to know the truth. But Little Red would have been so very proud!)

After a healthy dunking in the Chocolat Vat de Love, the cones were filled with more chocolate in the form of delish M&Ms, as well as a little note from me, then topped with a sandwich made of two kissing meringue cookies with additional oozing chocolatey chocolateness from the Chocolat Vat de Love between them.

Then came the part where I was really using my noggin', as in, using my noggin' for something besides banging it against my kitchen counter as I rued starting this fiasco in the first place. Since the cones had pointy bottoms and not flat bottoms, it was an exercise of cunning and desperation to figure out where to let these doodahs set up. Take a look below at raw ingenuity at work. My kitchen basically ran amok with ice cream cones for the better part of an entire afternoon.

And now. Here they sit. I have begged, pleaded, and/or surreptitiously slipped them in visitors' pockets, purses, babies' diapers (ooh! that's a little uncomfortable!), all in an effort to get these out of the house. I guess I shall be hucking them out the back door after all.

Editor's Postscript: They are gone. With the exception of the few cones which I was able to foist on much-too-gracious-to-say-no-straight-to-my-face friends and family, they. are. gone. Duly hucked. "That's it! Out you two pixies go--through the door or out the window." Name the movie, smarty-pants.


The Morris Family said...

I am sitting next to a little girl that keeps saying "I want one of those mommy!" over and over. What a great idea! I can't believe you took this task to hand all by yourself! Ambitious!!!

Lindsay said...

"it's a wonderful life"
and the cones look great! i think the toaster is my favorite receptacle :)

Ashley said...

The little cookies turned out great! Meringue cookies are so yummy. And I second Lindsay: "It's a Wonderful Life".

Shane, Liz and all the Crew said...

your "failures" would be my "triumphs"!

darling post as always! :)


Beth said...

I love, love, love your craftiness! They are so cute! I am still chuckling about the toaster full of cones! I think your cones are much cuter than the ones on the glossy page!

Jenni Elyse said...

Those are so cute! I think they turned out great! I love the toaster for your holder. That's so funny!

Lisa said...

Can you hear me laughing as I look at the pics of the "holders"! Hilarious...especially the toaster. But seriously, they turned out way cute!