Monday, July 26, 2010

Gimme a B-E-D!

Gimme an H!


Gimme an I!


Gimme a K!


Gimme an E!


Whuzzit spell?

No! Try again!

Whuzzit spell?

Nooooooooo! Keep at it; third time's the charm.

Whuzzit spell?




The Jellystone Park forest ranger types recommended that hikers allow about an hour to make it up to the entrance of Timpanogos Cave. Christian and I BOOKED IT and made it up in 37 minutes. We didn't stay for the main event of actually going through the cave, we just hiked the trail for the sake of hiking it. Pretty darn fun. My boy and me. Out in nature. A fabulous time. Loved it. Loved every minute of it. Except for the going down part. A bloody sock and occasional stabbing pains warning that the pinched nerve level was soon going to be elevated from yellow to orange were not fabulous. Now, if you'd be so kind,

Gimme a C!


Gimme an A!


Gimme a N!


Gimme an E!

E . . .


The Morris Family said...

It has been so long since I have been to Timpanogas cave. I should take the young one there someday. I am willing to bet she'd love it!

Lisa said...

What a perfect summer adventure! And in record time! This will turn into a great memory with your boy.

Melissa said...

You are way too funny to be doing this for free! :)

Beth said...

It has been forever since I hiked up to the cave! What a great day for you and Christian!

Ashley said...

Sounds like fun! And a record time, too. Hope you didn't get too hot! Maybe next year the 2-year-old can have a go at it!