Saturday, July 10, 2010

Separated at Birth, Part Two

While we're on the subject of greatness imitating greatness (yes, we were talking about that {sorta} {in a roundabout way} {kinda} {maybe} {maybe not}), I give you a perfect example of mankind's innate desire to be just like a beloved and revered mentor.

Here we see that Kimball just can't keep himself from imitating greatness; he loves his mama with all of his heart and soul and wants to be just like her when he grows up.

Ashley's Touchdown Pose

Kimball's Touchdown Pose
(Kimball has practiced and practiced mimicking his mama so
much that he can even do it in his sleep!)


The Morris Family said...

Oh so cute! Ashley was a beautiful baby! I totally see where Kimball gets it from!

Lisa said...

Don't mean to sound like Nurse Nelly, but I have heard that sleeping with your arms above your head is a sign of a healthy baby!

Ashley said...

My favorite part is how small his PJs are for him! So cute!

J, A & A said...

Haha...SO cute! Those need to be framed side by side, I think. Not only are they both doing the touchdown pose, but they're both facing the same direction. Love it!

Jordan said...

Last night Kimball insisted on bringing a toy car in with him to bed. I guess he wanted to be like his mommy again and have a few toys in bed just in case. Of course he fell asleep before he could even consider pushing the toy car across the crib railing.