Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aaaannd, They're Off!

The bad news:

Our last hoorah

The good news:

They are moving to . . .

"The Jewel of San Diego," as they say!

Seriously. If Ashley & Company had to leave me, they definitely chose the perfect place with which to entice me for a visit, especially during Utah's "Months of Hades" as I like to call them, i.e., November, December, January, February, March, April, and more often than not, May, and sometimes June--I like it HOTTER THAN HADES don'tcha know. Southern California's happy sunshine will lure me like a moth to a flame. Sort of like Rod Blagojevich being lured to the paparazzi. No. Sort of like Rod Blagojevich being lured to lots of hair product while preening in front of the paparazzi. {And let's just cross our fingers and toes that Rod's mothy hair isn't lured to any sort of a flame shall we? Yeow! Clang, clang! Sirens! Head on fire! Head on fire!}

All of this as if getting to see Kimball wasn't enticement enough! Duh.

I feel a road trip comin' on!
Who's in?!!!!!!!


Kathleen said...

Did Ashley divorce Jordan and marry a bum? What is he thinking?! I can't imagine saying goodbye to them. You are one tough cookie. But now you have the perfect reason to go to California! =)

Beth said...

The more trips you make to San Diego, the shorter the trip will seem! If you head out now, you will probably beat them there!

Lisa said...

It's a short plane ride away and only a day's drive....and yes, sheer paradise= grandson+beautiful weather+daughter+son-in-law. You are embarking on a wonderful adventure.

The Morris Family said...

Me! Me! Me! Let me know when I should have my bags packed!

Jeanne said...

Are you making fun of my ex- governor? Atta girl!
And if you were still living here in Illinois, your trip to California in the months of Hades would be so much more rewarding. My son Justin is is L.A., therefore I should get outta here and come with you!

Alison said...

I'm definitely sorry that they had to leave you...but am so excited that they came down to join me! We are so excited to have them so close. My mom is coming for a week in October when I have my should hitch a ride :)