Monday, August 30, 2010

A Little Too Revealing?

I think I have stumbled upon what could be a breakthrough in the study of personality orders. Or perhaps in my case, the study of personality DISorders. (Calling Dr. Freud! Calling Dr. Freud! Emergency! Emergency! Come right away!) Read on.

We picked up a bit of salsa along with our take-out from Rubio's. Yeah, yeah. Back off. We really don't eat out that often.
Remember this? Good job. Besides, on Wednesday's particular detour, we were simply trying to support the babe-a-licious American Fork Marching Band with the generous help of Rubio's. {Shout out!} So anyway. We came home with this funky salsa. And here's where things veered smack dab into what has to be a gleeful psychoanalyst's idea of heaven: We three musketeers each had a drastically different take on the aroma of the salsa. (By the by. Did you know that aromas can conjure up much more poignant stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks memories than even sight? Smelling that same odor I whiffed in the hallway that particular day in fifth grade at Rock Canyon Elementary brings memories of sad little Mark McK*** rushing back much stronger than seeing him again ever would. That poor janitor with his sawdust and mop. How did he bear up, I wonder?)

Here now are the very telling results of our funky salsa sniff test:

CHRISTIAN: "This smells a lot like coffee."
DAVE: "Nope. It smells kind of like Honey Smacks.
ME: "You're both wrong. It smells exactly like pot."

Sigmund? Your thoughts?


Lindsay said...

having never been to rubio's i have never had this salsa and thus cannot definitively agree with any of you. i will say that if any of you are right, i am simply not interested in trying the salsa because all of your associations sound like they would taste terrible on my tacos. also, it's time to lay off the "magical herb" ;)

Melissa said...


Isn't it amazing what smells can do?! I totally hear you on the pot reference, though. Every time my in-laws serve up some cooked chard for Sunday dinner, it's like walking into a party-house from high school. I have NO idea how they can eat what my friends used to smoke! :)

I WILL be sniffing the salsas next time I'm at Rubios to investigate. Perhaps they are hiding something from all of us.

Beth said...

Hmmm . . . . must be why their tacos are so addicting! Good thing they don't have brownies!

Jeanne said...

One of my sorority sisters grew pot in the basement of our sorority house. We had no idea--thought she was growing something for a science class. But I can tell you that the smell permeated throughout the house, and still we didn't know...clearly we were more academic than social!

The Morris Family said...

I'm with Lindsay. I am not interested in trying that salsa either. Those descriptions you gave do not sound the least bit least not for salsa! LOL