Tuesday, August 03, 2010


You saw this. Now have a go at this video and simply imagine how many foreheads were slapped before this thing wrapped for good. Also check out the dude getting attacked by a little sapling at the :30 and the 2:22 mark. Do you think he scored an extra ice cream cone from the BYU Creamery for that sacrifice? Oh, the price of fame.

(I love the U of U shirt serving as the understudy. Didn't quite nail the audition, apparently.)


The Morris Family said...

I would love to have been the person to drop backpacks on people's heads all day!

Lisa said...

Love the Ute

Melissa said...

I hope those backpacks were stuffed with toilet paper! Those landings were brutal.

BTW - Thanks, a lot. Now I want a mint chocolate chip milkshake from the Creamery!

joven said...

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