Sunday, September 05, 2010

I'm Guessing Her Family Was Surprised!

My most constant source of lively entertainment (my local newspaper, remember?) served up a feast on a silver platter Friday:

The caption reads:
Nathan Osmond jokes with his grandmother,Olive Osmond, on stage at the Onion Days kickoff on Wednesday at the Peteetneet Outdoor Amphitheater in Payson.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Osmond (bless her heart) passed away in 2004. 2004, guys! Even more unfortunate, most of her offspring, off-offspring, and off-off-offspring (there's a lot of them!) live in this valley, thus most likely making up a huge portion of this very newspaper's readership. Um, until now, I'll just bet. Oh, snap.

*Being the responsible newspaper consumer that I am, when I phoned and spoke with the executive editor of the paper for clarification (oh, yes I did), he was none to happy to be called out on the issue of the undead. Or maybe he had just eaten some bad Chinese food. I couldn't quite tell which. Needless to say, I didn't inquire after his family or his pets--get in, get out is my motto when things turn icy like that.


Lisa said...

Not only dead, but that isn't even her in the picture. I'm so confused!

Beth said...

Oops! I'll bet someone's looking for a new job! Or maybe this is their way of checking to see if anyone (other than you!) is reading the paper!

The Morris Family said...

Wow! For someone who has been dead for six (6) years, she is looking pretty darn great!!!

Jeanne said...

You've gotta admit that it kinda makes your day when you discover an error, great or small. Gifes grater meening too reeding the knewspayper!

Ashley said...

That's a big one! Wow!