Monday, September 27, 2010

¡Tres Días!

Oh my goodness!
Oh my goodness!
Oh my goodness!
How many more days?
(Clues above and below)
This is Sean's ___________.
(You know this is the part where you're supposed to play along and fill in the blank, right? I know, I know. I'm super giddy with excitement so just humor me with all of this nonsense and play along.
¡Gracias, amigos!)


Do not try to sneak down to the bottom of this post until you have taken a stab at guessing where this 3 might be displayed.

I'll wait. Still waiting . . .
Tick, tock. Tick, tock. (Snicker.)

Woo hoo! Did you guess Sean's
alarm clock? Yes?!
Ooooh. Sorry. Better luck next time. But thanks for comin'!!!

This is Sean's nifty Nixon Rotolog watch which I insisted he leave at home.

If my suspicions about his "after the mission stories" inferences are correct, I'm pretty sure Sean is going to be thanking me that he still has a left hand attached to his arm:

Nice watch eyed on the bus? Check.
Machete whipped out? Check.
Whack, whack? Check.
You're welcome, Seanie.


Ashley said...

Oh this one was hard. Jordan and I spent several minutes looking at it, and concluded it was some kind of time piece. Tricky though, because there are no hands and the numbers move instead. Next up, 2, 1, and 0!!

The Morris Family said...

I totally was going with the alarm clock. The watch looks pretty nifty and I am sure he will be glad you insisted he leave it home!
I am looking forward to tomorrow's challenge! :)

Lisa said...

I am looking forward to every day to see how you are going to highlight the number of the day! The butterflies must be in full flight by now!

Ellen James said...

Just saw your cute countdown. How fun are you? I'm so happy for you. Hope you make it another two days in one piece.

Kristen Parnell said...

Oh man- this is so exciting! I don't know how you'd sleep for a second these next nights! Hmm... let me go to your room and dust, make sure the vacuum lines are there, no crooked pictures, oops... straighten the bedspread... just one more time! :)