Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Want Proof?

If you want proof positive that I have been more than just a little distracted with these hooligans the past few weeks, I present to you the smoking gun. The evidence shown below should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt just how preoccupied I've been. So, this should just about wrap things up; I'm sure you'll agree that this is an open and shut case, as they say.

The hooligans of which I speak.

THE PROOF: These packages have been sitting in my bathroom UNOPENED(!!!) for more than two weeks. Two weeks, for pete's sake! Holy cats, that's gotta be some kind of a record for me. I mean, the UPS truck is my favorite vehicle! Packing peanuts follow me around like a puppy dog! The credit card company doesn't even bother to phone Dave anymore warning him that there seems to be "an unusual amount of activity" in a single day on my MC! (Not that he would even blink an eye at that anymore . . . .) Need I say more? My desire to hang out with these happy hooligans even trumps the thrill and subsequent hyperventilation that comes from my online-shopaholic-can't-wait-to-hear-that-doorbell-rung-by-a-package-bearing-man-clad-from-head-to-foot-in-chocolate-brown adventures. See what I mean? Open and shut. Book 'em Danno. Mark VII.
The smoking gun, as it were.

But, oh. Wait.


Aaaaaand, so it continues:
Yup. That's me. Good ol' Dean Sager.

In case you're wondering, (and I'm not convinced that you are), but anywho, all but two of the items I ordered went back from whence they came. Rats. On the other hand, Dave has suddenly developed a certain spring in his step. Huh. Wonder what that's all 'bout . . . .

(Full disclosure: I did sneak a quick peek in the bottom box a day after its arrival, but that's it--I swear on a stack of Christmas catalogs, that's it.)


Shane, Liz and all the Crew said...

how can someone as cute as you be a grandma and a mom of a returned missionary???

Lisa said...

I've missed you and I would like to request a better look at those fab family pictures on your side bar, please?

Kathleen said...

I've missed your updates! I want to know how Sean is and all your antics that you and your boys have been up to (I know you have been up to some wild and crazy things).