Friday, November 05, 2010

Boo! (Part I)

Christian's costume came together around 11:48 p.m. the evening prior to the morning when he wanted to wear a costume to school. And, I use the term "morning" loosely; what I really mean is, at the crack of dawn. When no human person should be expected to rouse from their sweet, sweet bed. When a functioning brain DOES NOT function. In other words, much, much, MUCH too early for my taste. That's the "morning" that I'm talking about, that's the "morning" time when Christian needed this get-up. Ack.

So, there we were scuttling and improvising and getting all crazy-creative with Christian's costume around midnight which, just so ya know, happens to be when my functioning brain DOES function. (Alas! If only the rest of the world would succumb to my schedule, life would tick along so much more pleasantly for everyone. Sigh.) Anywho! If this last minute scurrying seems waaaaayyy too familiar, you're right. Remember this? I am sensing a pattern here . . . .)

And now, I present to you one heckuva stud, if I do say so myself--and I do:

Christian carried a Sharpie in his holster as his weapon, challenging classmates to a "draw"! He ditched the cigar before leaving home--didn't want to give any false impressions and all that jazz. Such a good boy.

Liner notes: Cigar courtesy of Pepperidge Farm Pirouette Rolled Wafers; Frye boots courtesy of Farmer Dave; rivet belt courtesy of Deon's closet (really?); serape courtesy of previous role as Shepherd A in live nativity presentation; sombrero courtesy of um, uh, oooh, you got me there, we've just always had it in the dregs of the basement; holster courtesy of Christian's cowpoke phase when he was around 16 er, four; studly stud courtesy of Christian.


Lindsay said...

my brain also functions best late at night. weird. christian looks great :)

Juliette said...

Love the costume! He ditched the cigar???? I would have taken a whole can full of those puppies to school! Would have made for a good snack!

Ashley said...

Such a cutie.

Beth said...

What a handsome amigo! I love the creativity! Especially the quick draw!

Lisa said...

I've got a great song running through my head as I look at these pics. It is adding to the moment.