Saturday, December 11, 2010

This is So Me!

I bought a great little somethin' somethin' for myself in October. It seems that my purchase and I have A LOT in common. I'm sure you will soon see that the following list applies to both my new accessory as well as to me:

A little flighty and fluffy? Check.

A bit froufrou and girly? Check.

A touch impractical and indulgent? Check.

Fashion over comfort every. single. time? Check.

Flashes of witchiness now and then? Check and double check that.

So, what do you suppose I bought that is froufrou, girly, impractical, indulgent, fashionable but not necessarily comfortable, a smidge witchy, and soooooooooooo me? See if you can guess. I've graciously provided a few visual clues for you:

TA DA!!!

The witchiness seems to outshine the froufrou and sass, doesn't it. YIKES. I'm making a New Year's resolution to make sure I leave the witchiness to my hat and ramp up the fluffiness in myself. Hold me to it.


Jenni Elyse said...

I love that hat! Are you going to wear it for Halloween next year?

Beth said...


Lisa said...

Oh yes...this purchase was in the "need" column.....certainly not the "want" column.

The Morris Family said...

I love it!!!