Thursday, January 27, 2011


Awesome San Diego State University, whose basketball team was ranked 4th in the nation until last night ("was" being the operative word here), got JIMMERED by BYU big time! So glad I was able to hang with Jimmer for a little while before, during, and after the game; it was UNFREDETTABLE! (yuk yuk) Get a load of our sweet photo shoot together. He was so gracious about posing with us, btw. What a sport. But I guess that's what good friends do for each other. Jimmer and me? We're like THIS I hope you know.

Can you spy even a smidgeon of the floor of the court in this video? Nope you say? That's because somebody opened up the security police dam and a whole river of giddy Jimmerers gushed through and flooded the entire place. Cuurrraaazzzzzzy, dude! I swear, my ears are still ringing . . . .  Say what?

And, gosh.  I'm so sorry to report that Jimmer's left foot got trashed by the guy sitting next to me.  I hope this doesn't interfere with Jimmer's jump shot.  It won't, will it?  Please tell me it won't.  Oh, man.  I feel so responsible.  Oh, me oh my.  How am I going to explain this to Coach Rose?  Oh, man oh man.  I'm toast.


Lisa said...

I love that your family always goes along with your antics! You are HILARIOUS!

The Morris Family said...

I saw a couple of posts on Facebook yesterday referring to "Jimmer". I finally had to ask my dad who Jimmer was. Can you tell that we don't watch sports at our house?!?!