Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Think a Hangover is a-Comin'!

Look who got totally wasted at our neighborhood Wal-Mart. Apparently on Gatorade.

Or, so the story goes.

Me? I have my doubts. I don't think that it was the Gatorade that strung out this babe. I noticed that the shelf directly above the Gatorade was stuffed with a bunch of "ROCKSTAR ENERGY+CITRUS--CONTAINS 50% MORE CAFFEINE THAN ORIGINAL ROCKSTAR" drinks. You make the call. I'm no nutritionist, but my gut feeling is that babies probably don't need nor do they easily tolerate superabundant amounts of caffeine in their systems before they reach the age of one. Just a guess, but I may be right on this one. Say what you will, but I just betcha I'm right on this one.

I sincerely hope that taking these pictures doesn't qualify me as one of those annoying gawkers. (It's just that it is so hard to look away.)
For the record, I don't think that baby even noticed.


The Morris Family said...

This is hilarious!

Though I doubt this is funny to the baby's owner. I'll bet the owner of that baby got to home or even to the car maybe and started having a meltdown! I'm sure glad I am not the parent of the baby's owner right now

Rob said...

Clean up on aisle 7! The mother probably just left her there in shame...hoping that DCFS wouldn't be able to track her down.

Oh, and did we really need rockstar with MORE caffeine?

Melissa said...

Oh, PS - I'm Rob. Didn't realize he was signed in! Sorry!

Shane, Liz and all the Crew said...

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Dave said...

I think your pictures provide a public service. This should be a lesson to all kids: You drink energy drinks and you end up face down in a grocery store shelf.

Many lives will be saved...