Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just What the Doctor Ordered! No Credit Card Needed!

Just on a whim, Ashley texted me this beyond adorable picture of little Kimball with the message, "A little ray of sunshine for you!" attached to the picture. So, so, so cute! Couldn't you just eat him up?!

So, what I'd like to know is, when did Ashley get to be so psychic? How and when did she get the ability to divine that this was exactly what I needed after I saw this completely devastating and disheartening view (see completely devastating and disheartening view below) out my back window which happens to be 727.4 miles away from her? Psychic.

She's gifted, I tell you! I'm going to start calling her, "Ashley: The Mom Whisperer." TLC and/or Bravo will, no doubt, be wining and dining her any day now. Hold out for the big bucks, Ash!

And, thanks, Little Red! You really are a ray of sunshine who has saved me from having to resort to my usual method of coping in this foul and generally poopy weather, which method is never a ray of sunshine when that credit card bill comes around revealing the aftermath of my coping therapy. Therapy? As in, retail. As in, INTERNET SHOPPING. As in, I have my credit card number memorized for pete's sake! And the expiration date too! And the three-digit code on the back! That kind of therapy. Oooh. That's so bad. Kimball could hire himself out as "a little ray of sunshine" and save some folks a lot of moolah. And, I'll be happy to write his first testimonial!

Kimball, you are my hero!


Beth said...

That adorable little face would brighten up any one's day!

Ashley said...

Yes, I love that little face! I love how he says "Hi DeeDee." He loves that "yewo" shirt. Such a little star.

Melissa said...

He is SOOOO cute! You are a lucky grammy!

I understand your therapy. I also have my amex memorized. All of it. I used it to buy a really cute Petunia Picklebottom bag this morning. Gulp.

Jen said...

That is the cutest photo of Kimball!