Friday, April 29, 2011


The very, very, very instant I saw Kate Middleton's (now also known as the Duchess of Cambridge) wedding dress, I thought of the classic stylings of one of my all-time favorite actresses, Grace Kelly. Of course, nearly every single television commentator from here to Great Britain then proceeded to copy me and boldly declared the very same thing. (What copy cats.)
Duchess of Cambridge, nee Kate Middleton

Princess of Monaco, nee Grace Kelly

So lovely. So, so lovely and soooooooo dripping with class.

Eugenie and Beatrice, William's cousins

Your thoughts on the haute couture perched upon these two royal noggins? Just curious.


Jenni Elyse said...

The head things are so weird. The hat is better than the weird bow-shaped-s-beige thing. But, I guess they're royalty and can get away with it. Or, at least they think so.

Kate's dress is beautiful and definitely is very reminiscent of Grace Kelly's dress. Kate's dress was the main thing I wanted to see and I'm glad I wasn't disappointed.

Morris Family said...

I thought she looked like Grace Kelly as well. I didn't know anyone else had commented that she looked like her as well until I told my mom that her dress was Grace Kelly-ish.

I personally love the hats. I now think that i need a smashing new outfit with a smashing hat.

Gwyl said...

Oh come on guys. You know those hat things are really identification for these people so that when the space ships comes back next week they will know which alien will go with which space ship!

Beth said...

I enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of it all! Beatrice got exactly what she wanted . . . attention! Are you forgetting who her mother is?!!!! Tally ho, you silly royals!

ckm said...

I loved the wedding dress ... now the cousins - I immediately thought "Are they auditioning for a part in the musical for Cinderella's silly step sisters (I am sure they are beautiful girls, ... but the outfits/"head dress" ...)?

Lisa said...

Wasn't Kate's dress just the epitome of classy elegance? I absolutely loved it! Eugenie on the other hand was trying to distract you from her horrid hemline. You don't notice it because you are staring at that monstrosity propped on her head! I just kept thinking of my embarrassment of arriving without a hat.....what if I had been invited and not known that that was the thing to do??!!! Horrors!

Kathleen said...

She looked magnificent! Most of those hats looked ridiculous! But the one thing I kept wondering was "what hat would Deon wear?"

Shane, Liz and all the Crew said...

B& E: do they own a mirror???

Kate: magnificent! too bad about that pesky "til death you part" thing.