Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Please Decode Me

I cad smell. I cad breathe. I cad taste. I cad taste nothin', nothin' at all. *Hack, hack, cough, wheeze, sniff, sniff* Pardon me.

I usually like codes--codes like the one below, not like the code that has taken up residency in the top half of my head. In fact, I love puzzle codes so much that every day I decode the puzzle that appears in our local newspaper without using a pen. Or a pencil. Just by using my little noggin' (when there is space in my little noggin' that is, unlike NOW). But I hate this particularly obnoxious type of code. My head is about to explode through my ears and my eyeballs, and our one-year supply of Kleenex has dwindled down to tiny pieces of airborn lint, and that's certainly not going to do me a bit of good. Not to mention the fact that this code makes me talk like I'm about four years old. What is it going to take to drop-kick this code out the front door and send it on its merry way to North Da-CODE-a (yeah, so sorry) where it belongs? *Wheeze, sneeze, sniff!* Help.

Anyone who breaks this code and leaves the correct answer in my "comments" will find this in their mailbox. (No cheating.*) And, if you win, I hope your taster will be working better than mine is right now. Boo. C'mon everybody, and play along! What have you got to lose? Besides, I did half the work for you by giving you a bunch of those "special" letters--you know, those letters that show up EVERYWHERE and show up OFTEN. Yeah, politicians special letters. This should be easy! Ready, set, go!

*"No, we don't cheat. And, even if we did, I'd never tell you."
--Tommy Lasorda, American baseball player and coach


Jenni Elyse said...

It took me about 20 minutes to figure it out, but here it is and I didn't cheat. :)


Deon said...

Yay, Jenni! I'm glad to know that I have a fellow puzzle solver in you! Just to make sure I have your most current address, email it to me at deonsagers@msn.com, will you? Thanks for playing along; you're so kind to humor me :D

Beth said...

I should have made my blog sweep earlier! Dang! I love cadbury eggs! Sorry about your "code". I hope that you feel better soon. If you need an emergency supply of tissues, let me know, I will have Gwyl run some down to you!

Jen said...

I don't know how you got your code. It certainly isn't because it is code outside!

I hope you feel better soon and if you need some chicken noodle soup, call me and then I'll call Grandma Bea and have her whip up some of her delicious homemade Turkey noodle soup. {That was always my favorite part of Thanksgiving at her house! :) }