Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle--Bunny Style!

These two sweet little friends have been with our family for many years. A decade, at least. They joined our clan way back when we lived in Illinois, so they definitely are not your typical local-yokels. "Furahners," some Utahns might call them since they were not bred, born and raised here like all of the other good pioneer stock who hail from these here parts of our lovely deseret.

Henrietta Heffelflopper and Baby Binks have made their appearances in Dave's and my baskets on Easter morn so many times that they now call us by our first names. "Hey, Dave! Hey, Dee! Howz life treating ya? We're doing just dandy sitting in the back of that cupboard all year long, but it is mighty nice to get out and stretch a bit. Oh! In case you haven't noticed, we still have all of our ear parts intact, so let's just keep it that way, got it?!!!" These chocolate bunnies are so old that I think it's time for them to move on from the young single adult bunny ward to the single adult bunny ward, if you know what I mean.

Please take a moment to enjoy a stroll through our 2011 Easter Parade. The big poof thingys you'll see during your stroll prove that I really can do something Martha-ish! Who knew? Making them with my own two little hands was very addicting, if you really want to know the truth. And, I'm still hankerin' to make more for another special occasion. Maybe I will! Let's see . . . what special holiday do we have coming up in May? Think, think, think. Hmm. Ah! International Tuba Day on May 6? Nah. National Sea Monkey Day on May 16? Nope. Oh, I know! I know! This one is a peach: National Escargot Day on May 24. Okay dokey. Poof thingys for National Escargot Day it is. To find out how you too can be Martha-ish and decorate for National Escargot Day, go here.

By the by, there is a whole mess o' high fructose corn syrup over here at my house now that Easter Parade 2011 has wrapped up. All outstretched hands needing a sugar fix are welcome, you merely need to say, "gimme." (Henrietta Heffelflopper and Baby Binks are excluded from the deal; I must keep my word, you know.)


Jenni Elyse said...

When the bunnies make their appearance, do you take them out of their package for decoration and then put them back for the day's over?

Your decorations are really cute!

Deon said...

Jenni, actually, those bunnies have remained in their packaging completely sealed up tight all these years. We buy new bunnies for our kids' baskets each year, but Dave and I have never gotten around to eating our own bunnies, so we just keep bringing them out year after year after year . . . .