Sunday, April 03, 2011

A Sunday Drive

When I was a little stinker, my dad would load all six of us little stinkers, as well as my mom, into the family truckster almost every single Sunday and take us on the quintessential "Family Sunday Drive" up Lamb's Canyon in Salt Lake City. Never mind the fact that since I was the youngest stinker, and thus the easiest to push around, I was consistently relegated to the backward(!) facing seat of our family wagon inducing much kinetosis, otherwise known as, "Look out! She's gonna lose her cookies . . . again!" (My mother never left the house for one of those drives without "the bowl.") Regardless of THAT, this was a time of family togetherness and bonding. It was also a time of the 25 cent gallon of gas. One didn't have to actually budget for a family drive back in the day.

All this to say that today, after completely loving every minute of this, I loaded up two of my own little stinkers, Christian and Sean, and yes, that stinker Dave too, and we headed up American Fork Canyon for the quintessential "Family Sunday Drive," and this is what we saw:
This video was shot with my camera phone, hence the completely unintentional but completely appropriate (considering the nostalgic memories of it all) vintage look. And, no, nobody lost their lunch, but Christian was very, very happy to return home, um, if you get my drift. And I didn't even make him sit backward.


Ashley said...

Utah is always good for a quick trip to some nature and back. The snow is beautiful!

We took our little stinker to the park between sessions and played hide and seek. He loved it, but now Jordan has a clobbering case of allergies.

Gwyl said...

Aren't Sunday drives great. I like them just about any day of the week. Still a fair amount of snow up that canyon. What is the name of that lake that was in your photos? Is it Tibble Fork Res? Sherm, Jared and I used to go fishing there when they were little stinkers.

I remember Lambs canyon drives with the family way back when. Good memories

BTW nice photos with your camera phone.

Deon said...

Gwyl, yup, that is Tibble Fork Reservoir. Crazy to think that we live only ten minutes away from such gorgeousness and your old fishin' hole :D

Beth said...

That stinker Gwyl is always wanting to go for rides, now I understand why, nostalgia! Because of a few of our stinker juniors, we always have ziploc bags stashed in the cars, just in case they start to lose their cookies!

Jen said...

We like to take our little stinkers for Sunday drives. I wonder what fond memories Paige is going to have of sitting in the car backwards (!).
Great video though. I totally felt like I was in the car with you! :)

Melissa said...

I love that song.

I love those mountains.

I love this video.

Now I want to go and watch the fountains at Bellagio.