Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eh . . . What's Up, Doc?

Who needs a lawn gnome when you have a real, live, breathing bunny who kindly hops on over from his own house to guard your porch every single day? I suppose Mr. Bugs Bunny Warner, as well as his brothers, Elmer Warner and Fudd Warner, (I just collectively call them the Warner Brothers {yuk, yuk}) feel that because they run reconnoissance and protect our front porch every day from the coyotes who roam the surrounding area (whaaaaa???), the Messrs. Warner seem entitled to use our flower beds as their personal Chuck-A-Rama all-you-can-eat buffet. Farmer Dave is getting just a bit testy about those guard bunnies taking buffet liberties with his lovely geraniums. Whoooeeee, I can't wait to see those rabbits' eyes pop out of their skulls when they go through the buffet line next week and see that the featured entree on the menu is hossenfeffer. jk! Just kidding, PETA! Don't throw paint on me. JUST. KIDDING.

Speaking of animals and good eats:

And finally, let's see how cultured you guys are. Name the movie from which the following quote is taken. (Hint: The movie ranks in my top five {that should help you out a ton right there, of course}, and the name of the movie is actually somewhere within this post.) Ready?

"You! You!"

"Eu-nice. Eunice. We've almost got that stammer cured."

"How! How!"

"How-ard. Howard. He always gets stuck on names. It must be the excitement of meeting you for the first time."

Such a classic.


Jenni Elyse said...

My parents favorite line from that movie is "Yes, Eunice" from the cab driver. And, they always, always called me Eunice growing up because apparently I was bossy or something.

Jenni Elyse said...

PS--It's What's Up Doc with Madeline Kahn, Barbra Streisand, and Ryan O'Neal.

Deon said...

Oh my goodness, Jenni! That is hilarious! I am totally freaking out about that image of your parents calling you Eunice, hahahahaha! I adore how Madeline Kahn played that character--she was brilliant as the bossy-boss fiance!

Lisa said...

Must get to the library and rent "What's Up Doc?" I completely forgot about it and Madeline Kahn! What a star! and btw...I hate rabbits!

Beth said...

Those darn pesky bunnies! A pet hawk will cure that problem! Just saying!