Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Men at Work

When I was a little whiny kid of about nine or ten or 17, I would sometimes ask my dad what a certain word from one of my current library books meant. He would almost always say, "Well, let's go look it up!" Of course he knew what the words meant (he breezed through medical school {braniac}) so he could have simply told me what "magnetoplasmadynamic" or "geosynchronous" or "aeroelasticity" meant, but he wanted me to actually learn the words I was having trouble with by going to the dictionary and reading the definitions for myself.

Oh. Wait. Hehe. Sorry. I'm remembering now that those words were from my older brother's library books. My trouble words were "hop," and "on," and "pop." (As you've probably deduced from the differences in our levels of reading material, my brother was much, much, much older than me. Like, not quite two whole years older! One doesn't go from "hop" to "geosynchronous" in a day. Sheesh.)

So! Where was I? I'm so distracted; suddenly I have this urge to go read "Horton Hears a Who." Weird.

Oh, yeah! Now, I remember. Just like my dad, I'm asking you to go look up in Webster's Dictionary the definition for: "Every girl's dream come true." There, under the definition, you just may find this photograph, along with this caption:

Four very handsome men slave in the kitchen after making a fabulous Mother's Day dinner for the very beautiful and adored females in their lives whom they worship and freely admit they couldn't live a day without.

Every girl's dream come true. Go look it up.


Lisa said...

I am going to add to the randomness and say...your dad was a doctor? I do not remember that about you.

Beth said...

Woo Hoo! for handsome men that are willing to slave for their beautiful females! In my dictionary it states that they are not only handsome, but very, very smart!